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Beloved Friends,

Back in 1994-95 I had visions of natural & manmade disasters that I sent to “India Post” (Indian Newspaper published from Fremont, California) and my predictions were documented in my column “Astrology & You” weeks and months before these predictions became a reality. In late 1995 I even faxed a letter to Japanese seismological department about a disastrous earthquake hitting Japan between a specific time period but I never heard from them ever. In January of 1996 a massive Earthquake hit Kobe, Japan killing 5000 people.

In 2003-04 I repeatedly contacted the FBI about a serious problem that was in it's experimental stage and when brought into full swing can wipe out people like flies and bring the government to it's knees, finally when I met them in India and they heard me for 2 hours, I was told by the agents that they were unable to do anything about it until it starts surfacing and if I really care, I should make the public aware through my own channels. BTW: The FBI agents were quite honest and patient.

The Universe has given me a challenge that has threatened my existence in this fragile human body, just to let you know it has nothing to do with the functioning of this marvelous gift of the creator to experience earthly life, I am as healthy as I can be. I am doing my best trying to help others from becoming a victim and pulling out the one's who have been victimized.

August 8th, 2005: In the early hours of this morning I had this vision where I have received this message in absolute clarity that within 40 days a major disaster will hit our planet. I do not know the location but in the vision I saw landscapes and hilly areas. Even though 40 days came to my vision, my Vedic calculations say that we are at serious risk until February 2006 which is about 22 weeks away when Mars will leave Aries and will enter Taurus weakening the negative influences.

Sep 30, 2005: This morning another message has come into my vision that another disaster is on it's way and the number given was 9th, if we look at the upcoming Astrological data the annual Solar Eclipse takes place on October 3rd, 2005. My research shows that Solar Eclipses cause political assassinations & Political unrest, Volcano erruptions & Earthquakes that can lead to tsunami's.

To make myself clear: I do not claim to be a Psychic or a Spiritual Guru who needs to sell fantasies or spiritual candies to innocent humans who are already struggling to cope with the pitfalls of human existence, trying to fumble towards material success through a system that has been designed to attract dishonest, cruel & greedy people and keep away the needy from becoming self sufficient and living a beautiful existence that is focused on spiritual growth.

Much is being said on the internet about the year 2012 and the disastrous times it will bring for humans. I have researched into this issue and found that the year is not 2012 but starting July 2011 Earthlings will be going through negative transits of the planets that could wipe out millions in the preceding 3 years.

As an individual who carries a passion to bring a change in mass consciousness it becomes my responsibility to make the world aware of it and involve others to become involved and channel so much positive energy that if such an event is going to happen, either we completely dissolve it or make it weak to the extent that there is no loss of precious human lives.

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