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~Mony Singh's Bio~

Mony Singh's interest in Philosophy and Astrology developed in his teenage years. In 1983 he met his Guru-Friend, Shri Anil Jain, who blessed him with this 5000 year old divine wisdom: " Sharir Lakshan Vigyan" or the Science of Body Features.

All these years Mony has been exploring the inner world and have developed and experimented with techniques to enhance his awareness. His passion for gaining new insights into the workings of the human mind have led him to active involvement with meditation techniques. Having been exposed to the best and worst of two different cultural worlds (India and the United States) has led him to scrutinize his experiences and observations.

The result, his first book: White Lies Dark Truth

Since 1994 Mony has dedicated his life to guiding people all over the world. This website was launched by him in 1996 to spread this divine wisdom.

Mony Says: "Our planet used to be a School of Life but sadly the letter "F" standing for FAITH from the word LIFE is gone and we are left with just LIE". The people on planet Earth have lost their purpose and have chosen the path of self destruction.

His mission in this life is to bring back that faith in every human. Faith in existence, God, yourself, once you have this faith, this trust in the supreme consciousness, it becomes a beautiful experience. The purpose of our life is to grow and go beyond the illusion of life.

To use each moment towards self-growth has been the passion of Mony's life and one cannot just stop at that, as one needs to spread the awareness and help others grow in life as well. We are all here on the planet Earth: To Know, Learn, Understand, Grow and Share our wisdom.

White Lies Dark Truth is Mony's first step towards bringing a change in mass consciousness as we do not have much time left. World affairs are taking a turn towards anarchy on a mass level, we cannot change the world overnight but we can start a change within us and as we grow in consciousness our enhanced awareness will change the world around us.

White Lies Dark Truth and the website Vedic have been featured in many national and international newspapers and TV shows including: Washington Post, Marin independent journal, India Post, Sahara National, Delhi Doordarshan's: Subah Savera. Mony is a founder member of Planetary Gemologist Association .

Mony Singh has appeared on TV show Mano Ya Na Mano hosted by Hollywood & Bollywood star Irrfan Khan of Slumdog Millionaire. .

White Lies Dark Truth was a winner of Honorable Mention list at the following book festivals

  • The New York Book Festival
  • The London Book Festival
  • The New England Book Festival
  • The DIY Book Festival

    Besides being hired by multinational companies in India for private consultations, Mony, his book & his websites continue to enlighten & heal people all over the world.

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