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  • Do You Love Yourself ? ........Take this 5 minute test

  • Do you love yourself? Just go stand in front of the mirror and look deeply in your eyes, don't blink your eyes or you would be loosing focus. Now start saying, “I love you ………..(Your name)” be as sweet as possible, keep on repeating for 5 minutes while looking into your eyes. If you feel ashamed of taking your own name just say “I love you”. Just continue: slowly, softly & gently so that you do not hurt the feelings of the person in the mirror.

    If you can withstand this simple test for 5 minutes and would like to continue beyond the 5 minute limit and you have enjoyed every moment of it than you must have felt an unknown joy, a sense of worthiness and could have thanked your parents or God for giving you such beautiful eyes and a lovely face.

    On the other hand if even for a moment you thought it was illogical and stupid or you started hating yourself and moved away from the mirror even before the five minute limit was over, I can say with 100% guarantee that you are a victim of guilt and hate and love is missing from your life and you do not know what love is.

    If you cannot love your own self you cannot love anybody in this world and all your relationships are based on demand and need. I would suggest that you continue the above meditation for at least 40 days for at least 15 minutes a day as this simple therapy will turn your life around for good, than you will not have to seek love, it will come to in all shapes and forms and you will feel blessed, ready to spread love.

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