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Spell Reversal Vs Ongoing Black Magic

Spell Reversal
Let's say someone hates your guts, is jealous of you and hires a black magician to cast a nasty spell on you. The spell is casted to destroy your career, marriage, relationships and to bind your progress and income flow. The negative energy will start working at the right moment and will affect your life in the above areas. With every rising sun you will start suffering physically, emotionally, mentally and materially. If you are aware of the existence of black magic and the spirit world, the chances are you will hire a professional who will look into your situation and let you know if the spirit world is behind your downfall. The professional healer works on your situation and in few days your life starts getting back on track.

Ongoing Black Magic
Ongoing Black Magic is quite different compared to a one time spell casting. Ongoing Black Magic is where your enemy is a black magician or someone who has lot of money to pay a professional black magician to work on you 24/7 or on a continuous basis; day and night to cast new black magic on you every few hours and to strengthen the old one. These black magicians also have the power to assign a spirit or number of spirits that not only affect your life negatively but keep a 24 hour watch on each and every thought you think and all your actions and updates the black magician as and when demanded, every black magician has his own powers and techniques he uses. In this scenario a one time spell reversal will be redundant and you will have to hire someone who can work on you 24 hours breaking/cutting the ongoing black magic.

Future: Where is Black Magic heading?
Unless the world governments run by these power hungry Politicians wake up to this "Hard to Digest" and evil truth, the future of humanity is at stake. My analysis of this grave situation tells me that within the next 2-3 years, many of the world governments will be run by these black magicians, people would be killed openly using black magic or will be made to lose their minds. There will be chaos on the street level as more and more people will join this ugly game of black magic. You must be thinking that I am out of my mind, well! watch this video and you will know what I am talking about.

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